Protecting Women Against Domestic Violence

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley recently introduced a bill that would provide greater reporting statistics from the NYPD regarding domestic violence. In an Op-Ed for the Huffington Post, Council Member Brad Lander outlines many of the reasons why this bill is so crucial:

Unlike other crimes, police often fail to take victims seriously. As the Village Voice reported in 2010, the NYPD has downgraded cases of sexual assault in order to improve crime statistics. Too little public information is provided about crimes targeting women, so I am proud co-sponsor on a bill (proposed by Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley) that would require the NYPD to report such crimes on the web. But at least the NYPD does test all the rape kits it collects — something that does not happen in many other cities. The FBI still uses an archaic definition of rape that excludes most rapes from being recorded by the agency. With this level of official indifference, many victims are discouraged from even reporting sexual assaults.

Read  the full article.

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