Supporting our Manufacturing to Grow our Local Economy

(Maspeth)- Yesterday Council Member Elizabeth Crowley toured the Canada Dry Distribution Center, which employs approximately 175 people with Maspeth Industrial Business Association President Jean Tanler. Council Member Crowley toured the facility to speak with managers and workers about how we can grow our local economy.

“The Industrial Business Zones are a great way to grow our local economy and bring good paying manufacturing jobs to the city,” said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley. “We need to expand our support for them and provide them with the resources they need to produce good paying jobs right here in Maspeth.”

The Industrial Business Zones are an initiative by the city to encourage manufacturing. They offer tax credits for companies that relocate their plant within the zoned area of $1,000 per employee up to $100,000, zone specific planning efforts, and direct business assistance from city agencies.

In Council Member Elizabeth Crowley’s next term she is pledging to expand support for the Industrial Business Zones. The current program offers support via tax incentives, assistance from city agencies, and help finding financing. Council Member Elizabeth Crowley will work to expand these programs.


1.     Expand the New York City Council’s Small Business Investment Fund, which provides grants to businesses that seek to revitalize and refurbish unused or under utilized factories. Through this Investment Fund the Council Member will advocate and fight for additional funding to help revitalize old and unused factories. Manufacturers will receive financing to help turn abandoned and unused factories within the IBZ into new manufacturers.


2.     Create a small business task force within the 30th Council District to address concerns of local businesses within the IBZ. Council Member Elizabeth Crowley will advocate and work with city agencies to make sure the needs of local businesses within the IBZ are being met.


3.     Elizabeth will work with her partners in government to extend local bus lines for businesses within the IBZ. A strong infrastructure is important for any business to thrive. Elizabeth will work with the MTA to extend local bus lines for the IBZs so that employees can get to and from work more easily.

4.     Elizabeth Crowley understands that only with a ready and skilled work force can we attract new businesses. Elizabeth will fight to fund workforce training programs, English as a second language training programs, and commercial driver license programs.

As our city continues to climb out of the recession, Elizabeth Crowley knows how important it is to support our local manufacturers. These industrial zones provide key incentives to grow our local economy, and Council Member Elizabeth Crowley will never stop fighting for them.

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley is running for re-election in the 30th Council District. She lives in Glendale with her two sons.

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