Supporting our Local Businesses and Reducing Unnecessary Fines

(Ridgewood)- Friday Council Member Elizabeth Crowley toured local businesses in the Ridgewood Business Improvement District along Myrtle Ave. Council Member Elizabeth Crowley met with local storeowners, managers and employees to discuss local issues and interaction with the city.


“Commercial strips like Myrtle Ave are important economic engines for our communities,” said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley. “We need to support our local businesses and ensure that they aren’t used as a cash register for the administration and the DCA to make up for their own revenue short falls.”


According to a New York Daily News in June, the Department of Consumer Affairs implemented a quota system and urges its inspectors to “keep numbers high,” and expects a “25 percent threshold” on violations. The New York Post also reported this October that when faced with a budget shortfall, the department hired additional inspectors and doubled the number of violations that were issued. Instead of protecting consumers, the City has been punishing small businesses with trivial fines designed solely to increase revenue.


Council Member Elizabeth Crowley will fight hard in the City Council to put an end to this system of quotas. It is not the job of the city to put an undo burden on local businesses and hamper the growth of our local economy.  Fining should be used to make sure the business owners are acting responsibly not as a way of raising revenue. In the next City Council Elizabeth Crowley will fight to ensure that city agencies are working with our local businesses to act responsibly and grow our local economy.

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