Women’s Health Care

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley is dedicated to making sure that women in New York City have access to affordable, quality health care. Throughout her first term she has been an outspoken leader in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer, and has taken many routes to ensure that women here are well-cared for:

In 2010, along with Speaker Christine Quinn and the women of the New York City Council, Elizabeth hosted the first-ever panel discussion at City Hall to discuss ways to reduce cancer fatalities with early detection tools and preventative lifestyle choices. World-renowned researchers and oncologists joined the panel to offer their expertise and provide effective tools that all New Yorkers could implement toward preventing and diagnosing cancer.

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley is dedicated to improving women’s access to quality medical care. With continued work on legislation to address these issues at the City level, Elizabeth has been a leader in the fight to improve women’s healthcare. Elizabeth understands that every woman needs access to affordable health care. As our Council Member Elizabeth will fight hard to ensure every woman has access to affordable health care.

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