Council Member Crowley announces new Physical Education requirements bill.

Every child deserves a world class education and ensuring every child has access to quality education is a major priority of Elizabeth’s. Ever since taking office in 2008 Elizabeth has fought hard to ensure every student receives an education that prepares them for a 21st century job market. That is why she has been endorsed by the United Federation of Teachers and the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators.

Smaller Class Sizes


Council Member Crowley at the Maspeth High School Ribbon Cutting

When Elizabeth first took office in 2009, the 30th council district had some of the most overcrowded school districts in the whole city. Elizabeth tackled this problem head on and since taking office four new schools, two new extensions and over 5,000 new class room seats have been added to this area’s school districts. Elizabeth fought hard to ensure that Maspeth High School, Queens Metropolitan High School, PS 306 and PS 290 were built and opened on time. These new schools and new extensions have begun to help alievate the over crowding in our schools giving our students smaller class sizes and an overall better education.


21st Century Class Rooms


Council Member Crowley the opening of a new computer lab

Elizabeth knows that to be competitive for colleges and a 21st century our students need access to state of the art class rooms. Since taking office Elizabeth has invested $11 million in classroom upgrades including technology upgrades for our class rooms. These state of the art classrooms give our students access to computers and hi-tech training like the AP class at Grover Cleveland High School. As our city council member Elizabeth will continue to fight for investments for our class rooms so every student can receive a 21st century education.

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