Ensuring our neighborhoods have a quality infrastructure that allows local businesses to grow and people to live comfortable will always be a priority of Council Member Crowley. Whether its the streets we drive on, the trains we ride or the pipes beneath our feet, Elizabeth has worked hard to improve our local infrastructure. As our Council Member she will never stop fighting to make our neighborhoods the best in New York City.


Driving around the roads in New York City can sometimes be like taking your car through a minefield. That is why Elizabeth fought hard to get over half of the roads in the district repaved and will continue to fight to repave and maintain our local streets. Our roads and walkways need to be safe as well and Elizabeth has worked hard to to make sure speed bumps were built when needed and fund the safe routes to school program.

Public Transportation


The J Train in the middle of restoration

New Yorkers depend on their local trains and buses to get to work every day. When Elizabeth first took office in 2009 the J Train was literally crumbling in on its residents, local bus lines were being cancelled and the M train wasn’t available on weekends. Since taking office Elizabeth has fought hard everyday to fix these problems. Since 2009 the J Train has been restored, local bus lines have been saved and service on the M Train has been expanded.

Sewers and Flooding


Metro Ave before new catch basins were installed to reduce flooding.

While talking about and fixing our local sewers and catch basins may not be the most glamorous job it is nonetheless an important one. Since taking office Elizabeth has helped reduced the flooding and sewer problems the district has faced in the past. Across the district 500 new catch basins have been installed to help alleviate flooding. Five miles of sewers were inspected and cleaned to ensure they were functioning properly to help better handle waste and flooding. Finally, major sewer upgrades are taking place on Calumas and Penelope Ave to expand capacity and help diminish flooding.

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