Ensuring that we have good-paying jobs right here in Queens is Elizabeth Crowley’s job.
She will always fight for working-class families and our small business owners.

Local Business

 Our small businesses employ hundreds of thousands of people across the city and are the back bone of our economy. Since taking office Elizabeth has fought hard to strengthen and revitalize our local businesses. Elizabeth has brought back crucial funding for our local Business Improvement Districts such as the Ridgwood and Woodhaven Improvement Districts and revitalized commercial strips like Jamaica Ave. While a lot of great work has been done, Elizabeth will go back to city hall and continue to fight for our local businesses. Under the current administration our local businesses have been over fined in attempt to build up revenue. Our local businesses are not a piggy bank for the Bloomberg administration. Elizabeth will go back to city hall and fight to reduce the over fining of our local businesses so that they can continue to produce good paying local jobs.


Elizabeth understands that we need to prepare the next generation of workers. That is why she has fought so hard to fund job training programs and teaching that prepares our students for 21st century jobs. After 2001 Elizabeth was nominated by her union DC 9 to lead a workforce training and development program. This experience taught her the importance of job and why she fought so hard to fund the CWE job training and apprenticeship programs for our high schools, which leads to good paying local jobs. Elizabeth also understands the importance of preparing our students for a 21st century job market that is why she fought so hard to provide $11 million in technology upgrades for our classrooms.


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