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Elizabeth Crowley Rallying with Fire Fighters to save local firehouses

Elizabeth Crowley knows that without Public Safety, you can’t have a good quality of life. As chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Committee she has made public safety one of her top priorities.


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Elizabeth Crowley with local fire officers

Elizabeth has been a strong supporter of our men and woman in the New York Fire Department.  That is why Elizabeth has earned the endorsement of the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association, the  Uniformed Fire Officer’s Association. Whether it’s running into burning buildings or responding to  a medical emergency, these brave public servants are there for us. Elizabeth has been a strong  supporter of ensuring that the firefighters of the FDNY have the resources they need to do their  Jobs. That’s why she has fought hard every year to save our local firehouses that keep us safe. Every  year Elizabeth has stood up to the administration and prevented the closure of 20 firehouses around  the city. Elizabeth will never stop fighting to keep these local firehouses open because no one  should ever have to worry if help will make it in time.



Council Member Elizabeth Crowley with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

New York City is the safest big city in the world and that is no accident. The men and woman of the NYPD do an amazing job keeping us safe every day. Elizabeth has been a strong supporter of the NYPD throughout her entire career and has earned the endorsement of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the Detective’s Endowment Association, Captain’s Endowment Association and the Lieutenants Benevolent Association. In the 104th precinct which covers much of the 30th council district crime has dropped 6% from last year and that is due to the hard work of the men and woman at the 104th. We can not, however, let up. The NYPD is under a lot of strain due to cut backs on the overall force. In 2001 there were over 40,000 officers on the force that number is now below 35,000. Elizabeth will fight hard in the council to make sure we begin to train and hire more police officers to help keep our streets safe.


911 System

The Bloomberg administration spent 2 billion of our tax dollars on a 911 system that has failed to live up to expectations. As chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Committee Elizabeth held hearings exposing the flaws in the system and begin the process of fixing our 911 system. Elizabeth succeeded in getting the administration to properly calculate response times so we could properly evaluate the system. While progress has been made, there is still plenty of work left to do. Elizabeth will return to the council and fight hard for a 911 system that updates and unifies each department’s dispatchers software, hires more operators to not put too much strain on the system and solves the current glitches when incorporating EMS dispatchers. Each of these problems is fixable and needs to be addressed immediately because no one should ever have to worry if help is on the way.

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