UFOA Endorses Crowley For Queens Borough President

The men and women in the FDNY will never forget when she led the fight against City Hall when the mayor tried to close twenty firehouses throughout the City. She has always been there for us, and we are proud to be there for her by endorsing her bid for Queens borough president.

Introducing the ‘Queens Green Promise’

That’s why, on this Earth Day, I’m proposing the Queens Green Promise: a plan to revamp our environmental infrastructure with a focus on green energy for the challenges of the twenty-first century, all while reinvigorating our local economy.

Crowley is back for another Queens borough president try

Crowley has focused her campaign on improving life for public school students and their families. She has promoted the safe and stable reopening of buildings and continued to call on the city to address the overcrowding that has plagued the borough for generations.