Elizabeth Crowley

Proven Fighter.

With wages and affordable housing failing to keep pace with the dizzying rate of change in our City, so many of us feel like we’re running all the time just to survive.

I’m Elizabeth Crowley and I know first hand the struggles of working families. I grew up in Elmhurst, Queens, the fourteenth of 15 children.

I went on to get a degree in Art Restoration, a Masters in City Planning, and a job restoring important city landmarks as a member of the Painters Union.

All the while, I was raising two sons as a single mom in Glendale, Queens. Working in a male-dominated field, I endured the harassment and inequalities all too familiar to so many women. But I refused to let them stop me. So I became an activist in my union and decided to run for office to advocate for women and working families like my own.

Experienced Leader.

At the age of 30, I became the first woman ever to represent my district. As a Council member I continued to fight the traditional political forces and win. I took on the Mayor when he wanted to close the firehouse. I challenged the Speaker when she didn’t want to give equal funding to every part of our city. And I stood up to the corporations to push for women to get equal pay and families to receive paid leave.

Now I’m running for State Senate to build on the work that I did as a Council member and to make sure our communities work in a way that benefits all of us, to bring prosperity and opportunity to every neighborhood in our vibrant and diverse district.

I will fight to bring prosperity and opportunity to every neighborhood in our diverse district.