Happy Mother's Day

Friends --

On Mother's Day, I think of my amazing mother, Mary, and how she raised me and my fourteen brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to her and the many good memories I have from growing up in our home. And although we had many good times it must of been very difficult for her especially after my father died when I was just 7, leaving my mother to raise 15 kids as single mom. I still don’t know how she did it!
Growing up my mother was the best role model who taught us to be kind to others, to work hard and to always be honest. As a women she showed me and my many sisters that we could do anything we put our minds to. And she taught how to be good moms to our own children.
since this year is a milestone year for my mom who turned 80 her last birthday I would like this Mother's Day to be extra special too.

Would you like to join me in signing a card to my mom this Mother's Day? 

I wish all our moms a Happy Mother's Day!

Best Wishes,




Will you sign?