When Elizabeth was only seven years old, her father passed away, leaving her mother to care for her and her fourteen siblings. As the single mother of two herself, Elizabeth knows the challenges facing working women throughout Queens and New York City.

To provide for her children as a working single mom, Elizabeth joined a male-dominated profession as a member of the painters’ union. From there, she joined the male-dominated political arena, becoming the first woman to ever represent District 30 in the New York City Council. After she left the City Council, she served as a founder and board member of the 21 in ‘21 initiative, which strives to elect at least twenty-one women to the body to the body in which she served.

When elected borough president, Elizabeth will show all the young girls and women of Queens what strong female leadership looks like. She is determined to fill her administration with smart and innovative-thinking women who bring about the change that Queens desperately needs. As Elizabeth constantly reminds friends and family, Susan B. Anthony said, “There will never be complete equality until women themselves help make laws and elect lawmakers.” From the ballot box to elected office, Elizabeth believes no words ring truer.

Women make up the majority of our Queens’ population, and we need a strong, independently-minded female borough president who will work to bring about the reforms we need. From issues like equal pay for equal work to curbing domestic violence, Elizabeth will use her platform to make sure all women in Queens are entitled to an equitable and safe place to live.