Queens is a beautiful place with precious resources—particularly our people and our environment. Elizabeth is determined to fight for both, making sure our water and air are safe for generations of our borough’s residents to come.

Elizabeth understands that climate change represents an existential threat to our city and country. In her view, the cost of doing far outweighs the cost of doing something. While the borough president cannot solve climate change herself, she can make an indelible difference towards sustainability for the foreseeable future.

As borough president, Elizabeth will fight to end “transportation deserts” throughout Queens, placing a special emphasis on facilitating more mass transit options such as expanding subway service, creating more commuter rail, and protecting bus lines from Long Island City to Bayside to the Rockaways. She will also call for increased ferry service throughout the borough and will advocate for an expansion of it into Northeast Queens. The more immediate impact of these plans will be to reduce commute times and allow for people to save money by taking public transportation. The long term effect will be to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions by getting more cars off the road.

In addition, Elizabeth will undertake a robust initiative to ensure people are aware of all the available financial-assistance options to insulate their homes. She will also focus on dramatically increasing solar panels on all public buildings and schools.

We know that Queens does not get its fair share on too many essential services throughout New York City, and half of the allocated Superstorm Sandy funds still have not been delivered to our borough; Elizabeth will work tirelessly to secure the capital that we deserve. In this vein, to protect against future catastrophic weather events, Elizabeth will extensively collaborate with public works experts to design a resilient plan for all of the Queens waterfront—we need storm protection for areas like Flushing Creek to Jamaica Bay. Furthermore, Elizabeth will act as a “cop on the beat” when it comes to combined sewer outfalls. She will make sure that the city does everything it can to curb the outflow of raw sewage into our water.