Vote for Democrat Elizabeth Crowley on June 23

Due to COVID-19, we urge everyone to vote by absentee. Request one online and read more:

On the Issues

Good Government

The borough president’s principal job is to ensure that our government represents our values and reflects the diverse nature of our home. As Queens Borough President, Elizabeth will fight for a common-sense approach to government that the people of Queens deserve.

We can—and must—do better when it comes to appointing members to our fourteen local community boards. Elizabeth will prioritize the voices of our communities when selecting individuals for these crucial positions, and she will go above and beyond to encourage young adults, women, veterans, and people of every racial and ethnic background to participate on the boards.

We also need a borough president that will stand up to special interests. For example, Elizabeth does not accept contributions from big real estate developers, as she believes that when it comes to zoning, the priorities of Queens residents should come before what corporate donors want.

This is not just a campaign promise. Elizabeth has a long history of keeping our institutions accountable:

  • Upon election to District 30 of the New York City Council, Elizabeth took on the then-speaker, who controlled capital funding for the entire city. The system was rigged: either members played ball and towed the speaker’s line, or they faced significant cuts to their district. Elizabeth knew this was wrong and pushed back against it. As part of her efforts, there is now a rule in place that guarantees that all council districts get an equitable amount of funding.
  • Elizabeth also pushed for an investigation into Thomas Galante, the head of the Queens Library. When she discovered that Galante spent over $300,000 on lavish meals, concert tickets, airline upgrades, and other extravagances, Elizabeth led the effort to oust the corrupt leader.
  • As the head of the City Council’s Fire and Criminal Justice Committee, Elizabeth investigated gender discrimination by the FDNY. Her efforts led to transformative changes in the department’s hiring and training practices—due in major part of Elizabeth’s activism, there are now three times as many women in the FDNY than before.

Under a Crowley borough presidency, Queens residents can expect accountability and transparency. We need BP who will fight corruption wherever she sees it, and Elizabeth’s long history of calling out the powerful in behalf of Queens residents demonstrates she will bring about the reform and change we need.