It’s clear that that Mayor De Blasio’s housing policies have failed Queens residents. That’s why Elizabeth is fighting to make sure Queens gets its fair share of funding to tackle our borough’s affordable housing crisis—and to ensure that our residents do not have to choose between paying their groceries or their rent.

Elizabeth will be a steadfast supporter of all tenants and homeowners throughout our borough—it’s why Elizabeth is the only candidate in the race to refuse big real estate developer money. When Elizabeth appoints individuals to community boards, she will not be influenced by campaign donations. She will be focused on ensuring that the boards reflect the will of the community.

In the City Council, Elizabeth was never afraid to stand up to mayors and fellow councilmembers of all political parties—and housing was no exception. When it comes to rental housing, Elizabeth strongly believes in the necessity to expand affordable housing units. Queens represents approximately 28% of the city’s overall population, but we’ve only received roughly 10% of the city’s new or preserved units under the last two administrations.

But we need a multipronged approach: we must focus on development throughout our borough. As the candidate with the most robust mass transit development plan, we need to build the affordable units alongside new and expanded rail and bus lines to ensure that we get Queens on the move.

When it comes to homeownership, Elizabeth will call on City Hall and our lawmakers in Albany to expand financing access for working- and middle-class families throughout our borough. She will also leverage the borough president’s land-use powers to advance inclusionary zoning practices with greater set-asides for mixed-income housing units for low- and moderate-income households.

Simply put, housing is a right, not a privilege. As borough president, Elizabeth will make curbing Queens’ homelessness problem and affordability crisis a top priority.