Vote for Democrat Elizabeth Crowley on June 23

Due to COVID-19, we urge everyone to vote by absentee. Request one online and read more:

On the Issues


Driven by division and hatred, we have seen a surge in bias-related crimes in our city and country. As borough president, Elizabeth will act proactively to open dialogues amongst our communities and stem the rise of racism and bigotry in our great borough.

We must be clear and resolute: discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. In one of her first acts in office, Elizabeth will establish an anti-Semitism task force, similar to the ones created in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. She will work with religious leaders from all backgrounds to support efforts to promote interfaith dialogue and keep our communities safe.

As one of the most diverse urban areas in the world, we must celebrate immigration and our diversity as the pillars of what makes Queens great.