For far too long, Queens has not received its fair share of transportation funding. That’s why we must fight for a 21st-century transit system that works for everyone in our borough.

Elizabeth understands that Queens residents spend far too much of their days commuting. Since her days on the City Council, she has been fighting for the activation of a fresh commuter line, the QNS. The infrastructure for the project exists; there is currently a freight line that extends from Long Island City to Jamaica, which goes through underserved “transportation deserts” of Maspeth and Glendale.

After sponsoring a major Department of Transportation study, Elizabeth demonstrated that this line can be converted into a passenger light rail service—at 10% of the cost of Manhattan’s 2nd Avenue subway extension. This project would ease congestion, create high-paying jobs, and serve 13% more of our transit-starved borough.

Upon leaving the City Council, Elizabeth has served as a founder and board chair of the Friends of the QNS, a group of local citizens who are actively advocating for the creation of the transformative commuter rail line. In fact, this plan is a central reason why the Transit Workers Union Local 100 endorsed Elizabeth’s campaign: the project will create good paying union jobs and make our communities better connected to every corner of Queens and New York City.

In addition to her signature QNS initiative, Elizabeth strongly supports the proposed connection of the Rockaway Beach Branch to the Montauk line, as well as the bold Triboro RX line to better connect The Bronx to Queens. Elizabeth understands that when it comes to our subway and commuter rail options, we cannot continue to lag behind our neighbors in Manhattan—and we cannot think small.

Elizabeth will also take on the MTA and the mayor when they try to shortchange Queens. That’s why she is a vociferous opponent of the proposed bus redesign plan. The call to eliminate the Q53 is yet another example of city and state bureaucrats ignoring the people of the Rockaways. Moreover, Elizabeth believes that shortening the Q22 and QT52 routes would further exacerbate the Queens transit crisis. Borough President Crowley will be clear: our leaders must focus on making commuters’ lives easier and think big to accomplish these goals.

Queens deserves better options; the cost of doing nothing (or cutting back) far exceeds that of our innovative plans. Our families and small businesses reject continuing being treated as a third-class “outer borough.”