Rooting Out Corruption

Council Member Crowley was instrumental in passing a rules reform package that gives every Council Member an equal amount of funding for their respective districts. Before, this important reform the City Council Speaker had too much power and near total discretion on how much each Council Member was awarded, which Crowley called “an antiquated unfair system that was too reward based and political which ultimately punished taxpayers and community groups.”
For discretionary expenses, the reforms establish an equal distribution for core member item amounts, which include funds for local organizations, youth projects and senior service programs. The reforms also provide needs-based increases to council members, and alter the distribution of capital funds. Voters can additionally track spending and amounts granted to council members, making the budget process transparent and holding all city officials accountable.
Following scrutiny of the mayor’s involvement with political nonprofit, Campaign for One New York, Council Member Crowley took action to ensure candidates for elected office could not accept contributions that could be a conflict of interest down the line.
The Council member sponsored a law that would prohibit candidates and elected officials who run for City office from fundraising for 501(c)(4)s established for lobbying purposes.
“This legislation prevents the influence of unregulated money used by an elected official or candidate for office to push their own political agenda.”  Crowley said.
In 2014, The Council member helped bring to light the lavish lifestyle and spending of then-Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante . Through direct questioning at Council hearings, published letters enquiring about employment and pushing the comptroller for audits it was found the Galante amassed over $300,000 of city dollars on personal expenses, including $115,000 in taxable, undeclared income. It was additionally found that he had two full time jobs outside of the city. Galante was later fired and the library board was reshaped.
“It is a sad day for the City library system when a CEO has complete disregard for it users and misspends our tax dollars.”