Women's Issues

Council Member Crowley has been a fierce advocate for equal rights for women. From March 2014 to 2016, she served as co-chair of the City Council's Women's Caucus, and was the driving force behind legislation demanding transparency in the workplace and promoting equal opportunities for all genders. 
The gender pay gap persists with white women making 80 cents to every man's dollar, and the gap widens for mothers and women of color. The Council Member sponsored a New York City law requiring city-contracted companies to produce a survey of its demographics of executive-level staff and board members. With this information, the city can ensure that senior level staff reflect the great diversity of the city.
Crowley additionally sponsored legislation that is now law, requiring city-contracted businesses to publicly publish its utilization plans of minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs). MWBEs are the backbone of our communities, and it's important they have a fair shot to grow in our ever-growing economy. Through this law, we can ensure that everyone gets a seat at the table.
Women's health also continues to be threatened, and Council Member Crowley knows that these rights should never be up for grabs. Crowley sponsored and passed crucial women's health legislation, requiring stronger reporting requirements on maternal mortality rates, contraceptive methods and HPV vaccination. With this information, we can protect women across the city and ensure they live healthy lives. 
Furthering the health of women and families, the council member remains an advocate for domestic violence awareness. She organized the first ever Bride's March in Queens, and provides critical funding for organizations raising awareness and working to end domestic violence, including New Destiny Housing, Center for Anti-Violence Education, LifeWay Network, Day One New York, the Urban Justice Center, Sanctuary for Families and more. 
Women are stronger, more educated and more determined than ever before. Council Member Crowley recognizes this, and knows that with effective policy and fierce advocacy, women can continue to rise in the ranks and shatter the glass ceiling.